"Original design by Makiko Doi, a painter and creative artist"

In addition to the package with a flower motif reminiscent of the French flag "Tricolor Color", all of Noshi's designs are hand-painted.
The delicate and gorgeous work that heals the viewer's heart is attractive.

"Edo Traditional Craft Urushi Paper"

For the boxes and bags, the long-established Sugaya work "Edo Traditional Craft Luxury Urushi Paper" is used.
The lacquer paper, which has been carefully processed by craftsmen, has a unique luxury and texture that cannot be found anywhere else
You can use it fashionably even after consumption.


This product logo「門中」
This logo is a coined word conceived by Chef Kataoka.
Our shop "La Porto" means "gate" in French.
Therefore, I put my thoughts into the logo "門中" so that it links with the name of the restaurant.

「Foam paper BOX Cold insulation packaging Box 」

For the inner box, we use a functional "Cold insulation packaging Box" that has a cold and waterproof effect. You can carry the product while keeping it cold.
It can also be recycled as paper and has excellent environmental friendliness.
We are particular about the quality of the outer paper and finished it in a high quality design.