Shipping policy

■ Payment method / deadline for product price

Credit card :

We do not retain or store your card number so that you can make credit payments with peace of mind.

 Handling card (*) → JCB , VISA , Master Card , AMEX

 * Products will be shipped after confirmation of each card payment.

■ Cash on delivery by Yamato Takkyubin (collect service) :

A cash on delivery fee will be charged separately.

This is a method of paying the price in exchange for the luggage delivered to the customer. When the delivery person asks you to deliver the package, please pay the total amount of the item amount, shipping fee and COD fee (* see below) to the delivery person.

Total order amount (tax included):Fee (tax included)

1 ~ 9,999 yen:330 yen
10,000-29,999 yen:440 yen
30,000 ~ 49,999 yen:660 yen

■ Returns/Exchanges/Refunds

Since confectionery is food, we do not accept returns, exchanges, or refunds after delivery. However, if the delivered product is different from the one you applied for, or if it is soiled or damaged, we will replace it without paying the shipping fee.


■ Shipping fee and number of days until arrival (approximate)

[Shipping:Cool flight]

Hokkaido 60 size:1,340 80 size:1,540 yen

Aomori/Akita/Iwate 60 size:1,040 yen 80 size:1,240 yen

Miyagi/Yamagata/Fukushima 60 size:940 yen 80 size:1,140 yen

Ibaraki/Tochigi/Gunma/Saitama/Chiba/Yamanashi/Kanagawa/Tokyo/Nagano/Niigata/Toyama/Ishikawa/Fukui/Shizuoka/Aichi/Gifu/Mie 60 Size:940 yen 80 size:1,140 yen

Kyoto/Shiga/Nara/Wakayama/Osaka/Hyogo 60 size:1,040 yen 80 size:1,240 yen

Okayama/Hiroshima/Yamaguchi/Tottori/Shimane 60 size:1,140 yen 80 size:1,340 yen

Kagawa/Tokushima/Kochi/Ehime 60 size:1,240 yen 80 size:1,440 yen

Fukuoka/Saga/Nagasaki/Kumamoto/Oita/Miyazaki/Kagoshima 60 size:1,340 yen 80 size:1,540 yen

Okinawa 60 size:1,440 yen 80 size:1,940 yen

[Estimated time from receiving an order to delivery]

The product will be shipped within 5 days from the date of order.

If there is a delay due to unseasonable weather, the convenience of the delivery company, or any other reason, we will notify you by e-mail.