The first
Commitment to connecting directly with producers

From the perspective of a restaurant.
Most of the ingredients are purchased directly from the production area after the chef goes directly to the production area to build a relationship of trust with the producer.
Discuss "How to bring out the best taste of ingredients " from the producer who is the creatorWe are thinking about cooking methods and recipes by interweaving the thoughts of producers and cooks.
By talking with the producer, you can make it as a product in the best condition of the good quality ingredients.

The second
「an uncompromising approach to restaurant sweets」

There is no "exclusive pastry chef" in our restaurant
That is why there is a "an uncompromising approach to the sweets" created by the chef of the French restaurant.
A technique that brings out the deep taste of the material itself by using only a small amount of "sugar" and "salt".
In addition, a combination of ingredients unique to a French restaurant chef.All the sweets of "La Porte" are "new sensation sweets" that interweave new ideas based on classic French cuisine.

The third
「an uncompromising approach to to ingredients and cooking methods」

The base of the popular "Marriage Pudding" is "Premium Milk", which is twice as thick as regular milk and is difficult to obtain on the market.
By doing so, you can make a rich pudding that is as good as jelly.
In addition, we use a French cooking technique called "low temperature burning" that heats the eggs at the temperature at which they harden, making the best use of the taste of the eggs to create a smooth finish.