Moist Porte Monaka(6 pieces) Luxury lacquer box

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A new sensation sweet of「Monaka×Cake」 made with the concept of keeping the taste of restaurant dessert that you can enjoy at home.

In order to enjoy the mariage between Japannese and the Western .We have created an easy to eat "Monaka" cake with three different flavors.



A high-class truffle. one of the world's three major delicacies. sandwiched between cheesecake

The rich French cream cheese is made into a soft, moist and smooth "cheesecake" by the chef's "steaming at low temperature" technique.

In addition, you can enjoy the luxury of truffles that give off a sublime scent to the deep cheese taste by adding the scent of high-class Italian truffles, which are the world's three major delicacies.


 「Gateau chocolat×Pain d'épices」

"Chocolate" sandwiched between fragrant chocolate cakes of Pain d'épices (French bread kneaded with spices).

The rich chocolate cake made from French chocolate is combined with the bread "Pain d'épices", which is kneaded with fragrant spices, to create an elegant adult flavor.

"Pain d'épices" contains many ingredients that are said to be "healthy" such as cinnamon and ginger, and is attracting attention for its diet and relaxation effects.

「Shiranui×Poundow cake」

"Sugimoto Farm" grows citrus fruits in Mie prefecture, Japan.

Marmalade of "Shiranui"(Sumo mandarins) with high sugar content and low acidity, which is cultivated at this farm, which is highly evaluated by overseas star restaurants and famous domestic restaurants, is used.

The moist and baked pound cake with citrus juice has a citrus flavor that spreads in your mouth.

The package is painted by Makiko Doi, a painter. In addition to the package with a flower motif reminiscent of the French flag "Tricolor Color", Noshi is also all hand-painted.

We will put it in a box made of high-quality lacquer paper from the traditional Edo craft "Sugaya". Durable and luxurious "lacquer paper products" can be used as a fashionable accessory case even after you have consumed the product.

Not only as a gift for important business scenes, but also a luxury item that is ideal for year-end gifts and private gifts.



Truffle, chocolate, Shiranui 2 each x 2 packed (2packed of 1 type) 6 bags in total

Truffle (A dish that goes well with wine, using high-quality truffles of the three major delicacies for cheesecake)

Chocolate (a dish that emphasizes the richness of gateau chocolate with the spice of Pain d'épices and reduced sweetness)

Shiranui (a refreshing dish of citrus pound cake sandwiched between marmalade, a type of dekopon that the farm has carefully selected)


<raw materials>

【Truffle】 Cream cheese, sugar, eggs, butter, cream, yogurt, cornstarch, milk, glutinous rice, truffle powder, salt / fragrance, stabilizer (thickening polysaccharide)/(Thickening polysaccharide)

【Chocolat】Eggs, sugar, chocolate, cocoa mass, cream, butter, cocoa butter, flour, sake, glutinous rice, mixed spices / lecithin, spices

【Shiranui】 Almond poodle, egg, sugar, butter, orange juice, cornstarch, honey, glutinous rice, lemon, Shiranui (dekopon) / fragrance(Dekopon)/Fragrance


<Allergies (28 items such as specific raw materials)>

Eggs, milk ingredients, wheat, soybeans, oranges, almonds


<Exterior size>

Length25.5×Width10.3×Height 8cm


How to save>

It will be shipped by frozen delivery and will be stored frozen (-18℃or less)upon arrival.

After thawing, store in the refrigerator(10℃or less)and consume as soon as possible.


<Best-by date>

30 days frozen (7 days refrigerated after thawing)


<Packing form>

Luxury lacquer box tailoring * This product uses a "double box". For the inner box, we use a "cold box" that has cold, heat and waterproof effects and is highly functional, and for the outer box, we use a cosmetic box made of "Edo traditional crafts urushi paper".

* You can choose the urushi box from red and navy .