Yanbaru brown sugar creme brulee(6 pieces)

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"Taste the dessert of the restaurant at home ... ...

The ultimate smooth creme brulee made with the concept of "

  "Yanbaru brown sugar", the rich taste and flavor are trapped. The softness created by the chef of a French restaurant is characterized by a smooth and thick texture.

 Also, by combining it with the included caramel crush, you can enjoy a bittersweet accent and a crispy texture.

Please enjoy the ultimate smoothness of the most popular dessert "Crème Brulee" at our restaurant "La Porte".

 The package is painted by Makiko Doi, a painter. The stylish package and Noshi, which are reminiscent of the French flag "Tricolor color", and the "sugar cane" drawn in the center are designed by hand.

Not only as a gift for important business scenes, but also a luxury item that is ideal for year-end gifts and private gifts.

 Yanbaru brown sugar brulee 1piece 55g × 6 pieces
 Caramel crush 2g × 6 pieces
 * The lacquer paper carrying bag is sold separately.

 <Raw materials>
 [Purin part]
 Milk, cream, processed brown sugar, egg yolk, honey.

 [Caramel crash part]

 <Allergies (specific raw materials, etc.) 28 Item)>
 Egg / milk ingredients.

<Exterior size>

Length25.5×Width10.3×Height 8cm

 < How to save>
 Shipped by frozen flight, frozen after arrival ( -18 ℃ Saved in) below.

 Refrigerate after thawing ( 10 ℃ Please save it in (below) and consume as soon as possible.

 <Best-by date>
 Frozen 30 Days (refrigerate after thawing 7 Days)

<Packing form>

In a dedicated box


<Gift support>

Compatible with Noshi