Iwate Prefecture (Tankaku beef)Soft hamburg gift set (6 pieces)

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We used plenty of "Tankaku beef" grown in the Iwate which has beautiful nature and is located

With a fluffy texture, it is easy to eat not only for small children but also for the elderly, and it is a proud hamburger that can not be tasted anywhere else.

You can feel the umami, richness, and slight sweetness of ”Tankaku beef” so it is recommended to eat it with salt.

We have prepared a set that is perfect for gifts, which is our specialty hamburg steak that you can not taste anywhere else.

* This product requires cooking.

1. Warm with boiling water without opening the bag. (12 minutes in frozen state / 8 minutes in thawed state)

2.Remove from the bag and use a frying pan with 1/2 teaspoon of oil to bake both sides on medium heat until the surface is browned before serving.

(Be careful when removing the hamburger from the pack as it is soft.)



<Raw materials>

Beef (produced in Iwate Prefecture), beef (produced in the United States), pork (produced in Iwate Prefecture), onions, bread flour, red wine, ketchup, milk, eggs, salt, garlic, nutmeg, black pepper / phosphate (Na)

<Allergies (28 specific raw materials)>

Eggs, wheat, milk ingredients, beef, pork

Chicken thighs, salt, garlic, vegetable oil, rosemary, bay leaf

<Packaging form>

vacuum pack

<How to save>

It will be shipped by frozen delivery and will be stored frozen (-18 ° C or less) upon arrival.

After thawing, store in the refrigerator (10 ° C or less) and consume as soon as possible.

<Best-by date>

3 Month frozen (7 days refrigerated after thawing)