Luxury lacquer paper bag

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Similar to the lacquer box, this handbag is made from "Edo traditional craft luxury lacquer paper" created by the well-established Sugaya.
The lacquer paper, which has been carefully processed by craftsmen, has a unique luxury and texture that cannot be found anywhere else.
It is a high-class product that is perfect not only as a gift for important business scenes, but also as a gift for midyear gifts, year-end gifts, and private gifts.

"Luxury lacquer paper bag" each size

【Large size】height250mm×width270mm×depth105mm
Boxed monaka, 8 pieces of pudding, etc.

【Medium size】
For a set of 3 monaka, a set of 3 brulee, etc.

【small size】
"Raw tea leaf chocolate" with the scent of roasted green tea, etc..