Selfish strawberry butter

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A "collaboration" product created by the encounter between our French restaurant chef Kataoka and the local Kawasaki strawberry farmer "Koizumi Farm".

"It's hot, it's cold, I want to drink water, I want to get sick, I want to pick weeds", etc ...

I grew up listening to the selfishness of strawberries that I haven't eaten every day for 15 months.

Koizumi Farm brand "Wagamama Ichigo", which is made by spraying a small amount of red wine to form the taste and growing it with the latest agricultural technology.

It is characterized by a higher proportion of strawberries than butter, and by kneading coarsely chopped strawberry confiture into butter while soaking in air, the flavor of strawberries is more fluffy and creates a luxurious mood. Will do it.

The sweetness and sourness of strawberries and the exquisite umami and saltiness of butter make it a gem.

It goes well with not only toast but also pancakes. Please use it as a cooking secret


50g / piece

<Raw materials>

Strawberries, butter, sugar, salt, lemon / trehalose, thickener (pectin)


<Allergies (28 specific raw materials)>

Milk ingredients

<How to save>

It will be shipped by frozen delivery and will be stored frozen (-18 ° C or less) upon arrival.

After thawing, store in the refrigerator (10 ° C or less) and consume as soon as possible.

<Best-by date>

3 Month frozen (7 days refrigerated after thawing)