"Raw tea leaf chocolate" with the scent of roasted green tea

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A "unique collaboration" product created by the encounter between Chef Kataoka of a French restaurant and Atsushi Umemura, the 6th generation of "Miyazakien".

The combination of pesticide-free salty tea leaves and white chocolate creates unprecedented richness and depth.

The historic tea plantation "Miyazakien" in Aichi Prefecture has existed since the late Edo period.

With the concept of "keeping nature as it is" using pure water that springs from the mountains, tea leaves carefully grown with organic fertilizers and natural farming combine depth and abundance.

Using carefully grown fresh sprout tea leaves and roasted green tea, we combined it with white chocolate to make chocolate with a good texture.

The "salted sprout tea leaves" affixed to the surface enhance the depth and taste of chocolate and give it a sense of luxury and comfort.


Raw tea leaf chocolate 1 box (10g) x 6 pieces

<Raw materials>

Chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder), cream, roasted tea, salt / emulsifier, vanilla flavor

<Allergies (28 specific ingredients)>

Milk ingredient / soybean

<Outer diameter>

Length 13 x Width 8.7 x Height 4 cm

<How to save>

It will be shipped by frozen delivery and will be stored frozen (-18 ° C or less) upon arrival.

After thawing, store in the refrigerator (10 ° C or less) and consume as soon as possible.

<Best-by date>

30 days frozen (7 days refrigerated after thawing)

<Packing form>

In a dedicated box